Anxiety / Depression

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It is a well-known fact that emergency first responders are routinely exposed to “the worst of the worst” while on the job. And while it’s true that you “signed up for this” or “knew what you were getting into,” it is NOT true that you are required (or should be able) to “suck it up and deal.” Whether you’re struggling with the effects of the day-to-day job, or have recently experienced a particularly traumatic event such as the death of a coworker or a mass casualty incident, or you fall somewhere in the middle, please consider reaching out to me before you decide that there is no hope and just give up. I won’t promise that everything will be “fine,” or give you empty platitudes, or tell you to “get over it” – rather, I will sit with you and listen while you rant, or cry, or whatever you need to do. Then we will dig in to the “why do I feel this way” and “what can I do about it.”